These pages used to be about alpha, mips, ppc, vax, z80, unix, mac, sun, pdp and other "better" coputer related stuff. I have a personal collection of about 16 hardware architectures and some experience with over 30 operating systems, yes depth vary from system to system. I made linux or bsd run on 10 different cpus: x86, m68k, sparc, power, mips, vax, alpha, arm, pa-risc and ultrasparc.

I hope, I get to make it back alive soon...
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Linux os kernel resides on homepage.
Con Kolivas is back in developent of kernel and his BFS is great scheduler for most common devices.
Yes scheduler should be simple thing, especialy on simple computers...
Weird problem encountered NFS authenticated on server but denied on client
What is a computer good for without a man using it's work?

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You are on pages about nonPC computers. It was some years ago, when I got my fist computer (first to be really mine, not parents), and it was a Macintosh SE (looks like MacPlus, year of manufacture 1988, CPU Motorola 68000@16MHz, 4MBs Ram, 50MB scsi HDD, integrated B&W display). I already knew PCs, even PCs with much faster CPUs and much more ram (it was around 1995), but I used that mac for my office work even in 2001 (13 years after manufacture). It had tiny display, It was slow, but it was very easy to use it. I had some PCs to playing with in that time, they were used just for trying linux (i was very funny game to make the graphical interface running with 3D in that time), Netware 4.x (very reasonable file server of that time), OS/2 (probably the best commercial system for PC workstation) and so on. Those games got me where I am now administering networks and unix servers, but I already knew that there are other computers, that are beyond any benchmark comparisons.

I managed to get some more Macs, then first Alpha (hardware broken Personal Workstation 500a), first Silicon Graphics(INDY, now they call themselves just SGi and do different kind of beasts), fist VAX. Then the collection grew somehow independently - people saw, taht I am interrested in these things and they let me know and take noticeable machines instead of thowing them away. In this moment I own more than 40 computers with total value around $1000 now, but more that $1000000, when they were new.

If you search ebay or similar service, you should be able to find many choices under $100 to play with.

I found out, that HP 9000/E35 servers that cost around $100 000 each were made from heavy steel, but you could cut yourself anywhere - finishing was probably too expensive for HP in that time. Those Challenges DM (the smallest fridge-like model) cost a bit less, but they manufacturing was just great - Silicon Graphics cared about nearly everything, machines are easy to (dis)assemble and so on). There are many surprises when diving into these waters and this site should be also about that, there are many pages filled with lists of interresting HW, but not many with tips and tricks how to make them up.

So, if you have some experience with these machines, you are welcome to contribute it on my pages. I plan to allow free automatic registration, but right now, you have to send me mail to me(at) this site...

If you (or your company) own something interresting and plans to thow it away, please let me know too, there are many machines, that could be contributed to some OpenSource System developers to port their system. There is not just linux, there are many interresting BSD clones and I would be happy to find a new home even for machine situated in USA.

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